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Refugee Sector Gender Focal Points Network [REF-SGFPN] in Jordan - Capacity Building Plan 2022


The Sector Gender Focal Points Network (SGFPN) is established to support the Inter-Sector Working Group (ISWG) to ensure that gender is a cross-cutting issue in humanitarian programming of the Refugee Response in Jordan, primarily in relation to Syria Refugee Crisis. The SGFPN comprises Sector Gender Focal Points (SGFPs) nominated by each of the refugee sectors by the Sector Coordinators in collaboration with the Inter-Sector Coordinator.

The SGFPN Capacity Building Plan 2022 (CB Plan) is developed in compliance with the SGFPN TOR to empower the SGFPs in their role to support their nominating sectors in gender mainstreaming, incorporating and monitoring gender equality measures at the sector level.
The CB Plan aims to build, develop, and strengthen the SGFPs’ capacities and technical skills to facilitate implementation of the SGFPN Work Plan 2022.

The SGFPN CB Plan 2022 is based on the review of the SGFPN CB Plan 2021, which had considered - the findings from the SGFPN ‘Monitoring Survey on Gender Mainstreaming in Refugee Sectors’ conducted late in 2020, and ‘Capacity Assessment’ Survey and ‘Survey to Sector Coordinators’ conducted early in 2021 to guide the 2021 planning.