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Refugee Response Coordination Coronavirus Update September 2021

Situation Report
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This ISWG monthly update is a coordination tool that aims to improve communication between sectors and provide information on progress towards implementation of the objectives of the Jordan Contingency & Response Plan in response to COVID-19. It is available through the Inter-Agency Operational Portal at COVID-19 Response Page

I. General Updates

• A member of the National Committee for Epidemics Bassam Hijjawi announced that Jordan is considering giving a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine to everyone. Jordan has already started giving the booster dose to people with weak immune systems. He stressed that receiving the coronavirus vaccine is the only way to limit the spread of the virus.

• UNHCR announced that six refugee medical specialists, trained as surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and general doctors, have started working in hospitals and clinics across Jordan as UN volunteers. The employment of these health professionals marks a major step towards creating livelihood opportunities for refugees in Jordan. The decision follows months of discussions between the Ministry of Health and UNHCR about how refugees can contribute to stopping the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.