Reducing the impacts of drought in Jordan: How the MENAdrought project is supporting Jordan to enhance its water and food security


The MENAdrought project aims to provide tools to anticipate, prepare for and mitigate drought impacts. In Jordan, the team is working with government officials and partner organizations to support the development of robust drought policy for the country. Jordan is already one of the most water scarce countries in the world. With an annual per capita water availability of approximately 100 m3 , the country’s freshwater supplies fall considerably below the global benchmark of ‘absolute scarcity’ established at 500 m3 of water per capita per year.

The project is working to develop technical monitoring and forecasting capabilities, alongside a drought framework combining institutional planning and a task force to supervise and coordinate the development of drought policy. The work is being conducted at the national level, as well as within three specific key basins: Azraq, Mafraq and Yarmouk.