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A Procedural Guide for Issuing Flexible Work Permits to Syrian Refugees [EN/AR]

Manual and Guideline
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➢ A Syrian worker wishing to issue a flexible work permit in the sectors mentioned in annex (1) shall have the following:

➢ Undergo a free medical examination for the purpose of issuing a work permit in one of the expatriate workers' health centers mentioned in annex (2).

➢ Submit a flexible work permit application at one of the offices of the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions distributed over the Kingdom’s governorates and mentioned in Appendix (3).

➢ Attaching the application with a copy of ID card and a copy of the old permit, if any, or a personal photo of the person who issues the permit for the first time.

➢ Providing our employees with all contact information required to follow up on the progress of the application.

➢ Pay the permit fee of JOD 60, which includes the insurance policy and issuance fees.

➢ Pay late fines imposed by MoL (if any).

➢ When the fees are paid, the worker will receive the following:

o A copy of the insurance policy valid for one year.

o Receipt of the paid value issued by GFJTU.

o A brochure introducing the insurance policy, its benefits, and how to use it.

➢ A brochure introducing the worker’s labor and contractual rights and social security according to the Jordanian Labor Law, which includes the hotline numbers related to labor violations and emergency work injuries.

➢ The beneficiary worker is notified by text message of the date and place of receiving the issued permit.

➢ The worker receives a work permit valid for one year from the date of the expiry of his/her previous permit or from the date of issuance of his/her new permit if they were a first-time applicant.

➢ The medical coverage mentioned in the insurance policy will be applied.

➢ Each of the following are excluded from the right to obtain a flexible permit:

o Holds a work permit for companies according to the concept of the formal (organized) sector.

o Works for an employer of legal capacity in an establishment registered with the Social Security.

o Those who will work for establishments required by the Labor Law to issue permits to the worker and to include him in social security.

➢ To determine the validity of eligibility, the information will be matched through the electronic inquiry window at the Social Security.

➢ The flexible work permit is granted exclusively to self-employed Syrian refugees, and employers are not allowed to apply for these permits except in accordance with the regular permit system, otherwise legal procedures will be applied.