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Middle East and North Africa Zone: Plan 2009-2010 (MAA80003)

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Executive summary

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) zone has developed three major strategic management priorities which are based on a firm commitment to the Federation of the Future framework and a thorough needs-based assessment of stakeholder interests, most notably that of the National Societies in the MENA region representing the beneficiaries in local communities.

1. A strategic dialogue co-organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation's MENA zone with leaders of the National Societies in the region will be established and continuously followed up as policy and strategic humanitarian priorities are formulated in a collective decision making process.

A high level annual meeting will bring together presidents and/or secretary generals of National Societies to identify and tackle strategic areas of coordination as well as other relevant policy and operational issues. The leadership meeting will be followed by semi-annual meetings at the level of experts/practitioners on the basis of the agreed upon priorities and issues identified by the MENA leaders.

This strategic process will be supported by a regional MENA conference in 2009 which will focus on two or three key areas of strategic importance as formulated during the strategic dialogue process.

2. The MENA zone will direct and support a region-wide process of developing a strong collective vision for technical and operational excellence in areas of disaster management, health and care, capacity building and dissemination of Principles and Values.

Most notably the zone will develop and lead technical networks in disaster management, health and care, psychosocial support, youth and volunteering (organisational development) and ensure that standardized plans of action (PoA) developed in network meetings are followed up on in National Societies of the region ensuring concrete outputs on country levels are documented according to standardized indicators.

3. The MENA zone will actively broker new regional partnerships based on global and regional humanitarian initiatives in support for scaling up country/local service delivery programmes. In this process, the focus will be on building partnership in sectoral areas such as disaster risk reduction (DRR) with the World Bank, United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) and multilateral government donors or regional road safety with the secretariat in Geneva and private sector donors.

The zone is also committed to supporting the International Federation's internal operating model of global and operational alliances and will actively facilitate partnerships between all Red Cross/Red Crescent (RC/RC) Societies working together to pool their resources for scaled up country/local results.

This plan and budget will include planning priorities developed with the Jordan Red Crescent, Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the Iranian Red Crescent and is based on the principle of complimentarity with global plans developed in Geneva and country plans developed by the International Federation's country representatives in the MENA region.

The Iran country plan is integrated in the MENA zone plan and aims to address the needs of the Iranian RC in an effective and sustainable manner as well as to assist the National Society in providing better services to the disaster victims through its increased capacity.

The total 2009-2010 overall budget is CHF 9,659,722 (USD 8,829,728 or EUR 6,152,689), from which CHF 4,000,000 is already covered under the core funding. Click here to go directly to the attached summary budget of the plan (excluding the core funded component).