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Jordan: UNHCR Operational Update, March 2020


March 2020

While there have been no cases of refugees reporting positive to the Covid19 virus in Jordan so far, UNHCR has been closely monitoring the evolution of the Covid19 situation in Jordan since February. and has been scaling up its preparedness plans, particularly for refugee camps, together with WHO and partners and under the leadership of the Ministry of Health.

WHO-approved hygiene-promotion measures and hygiene-awareness messages have been enhanced for staff and persons of concerns all around the Kingdom and in refugee camps.
UNHCR has finalized the Jordan Refugee Response Coronavirus Contingency and Response Plan in close collaboration with all key partners in the eight sector working groups under the refugee response.
UNHCR has been coordinating the issuance of permits for UN agencies and partners’ staff to access refugee camps. A key issue remains consolidated movement of suppliers and retailers for replenishment of stocks, including movement of medicines.

746,581 Refugees in Jordan as of 31 March 2020

83.4% Refugees living outside camps in urban areas

16.6% Refugees living in three camps in Jordan – Azraq, Zaatari and The Emirati Jordanian