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Jordan: RRP6 Monthly Update - March (Shelter)

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Development of guidelines for shelter interventions:

The Shelter WG has developed guidelines and minimum standards for shelter interventions in non-camp settings. The guidelines set a series of mechanical, civil and electrical interventions for the upgrading of substandard housing units and increasing housing units available in unfinished buildings. These guidelines will be observed by all partners and are necessary to avoid duplication and ensure activities meet minimum standards. For this activity the Shelter and WASH sectors are working in coordination to avoid duplication as many shelter interventions have WASH components such as the installation of water tanks and plumbing.

Reviewing and updating the Shelter strategy:

The Shelter WG has formed a taskforce to review and update the objectives and principles of Jordan’s Shelter Sector Strategy with consideration of activities under RRP6. The aim of this taskforce is to harmonise the guidelines with those reflected in UNHCR’s draft version for a global shelter strategy. This process will contribute to the specifics of short-term emergency response interventions and development focused response interventions, e.g. interventions in camp settings and providing affordable housing units to the market.

WASH and Shelter coordination:

On 19 March PU-AMI organised a joint WASH-shelter field visit to Zarqa and Rusafieh. The objective of the visit was to enhance coordination between the two sectors for interventions in the host community. The visit included a rapid assessment of 2 informal tented settlements, 2 households in Zarqa and the water network in Rusafieh which is experiencing a high rate of water loss.