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Jordan: RRP6 Monthly Update - March (Protection)

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Protection Sector WG ToRs: Members of the Protection Sector Working Group (WG) have endorsed a final draft of the WG’s ToRs, which are now available on the Protection page of the portal.

Guidance for external visits to Zaatari: Building upon the inter-agency Media Guidelines, the Zaatari Protection Sector WG is developing a strategy to ensure dissemination of the principles for media and other external visits to Zaatari.

Inter-agency CP/SGBV campaign: The Child Protection and SGBV SWGs have finalised the inter-agency messages on child protection and SGBV. The campaign was launched in March and materials will be made available to partners.

Inter-agency SOP roll-out: IMC, IRC and SCI trained 248 humanitarian workers (NGO and UN staff) on the CP/SGBV Emergency SOPs as part of the Inter-Agency “Strengthening SGBV and Child Protection Services and Systems Project”, a joint initiative of the CP and SGBV SWGs.

SGBV/CP Briefing Notes: The SGBV SWG has finalised its briefing note, which is available on the SGBV SWG page on the portal. The CP SWG is currently developing a similar briefing note on Child Protection issues.

SGBV Site Survey in Azraq: A task force of the SGBV SWG conducted a visit to Azraq camp to assess SGBV prevention measures within the site. The purpose of the visit was to follow up on a previous visit in April 2013, assess the implementation of earlier recommendations and provide further recommendations to camp management. The vast majority of the 2013 recommendations had been implemented by shelter, WASH, site planning and camp management colleagues. The SGBV SWG co-chairs debriefed colleagues at the Azraq Camp Coordination Meeting. The full report is available on the SGBV SWG page on the portal.