Jordan Refugee Response - Inter-Agency Winterization Update, 12 January 2015

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 12 Jan 2015 View Original


  • In response to the Huda snowstorm, the Government of Jordan, UN agencies, NGOs, CBOs and local charities have been working round the clock to deliver emergency assistance to vulnerable refugees and Jordanians in urban areas and the refugee camps.

  • Over 110,000 additional blankets have been mobilized in response to the storm, distributed in both camps and through community organizaƟons in urban areas. NGOs have provided emergency shelter support, targeted cash and in-kind assistance.

  • In camps, contingency plans have been activated, making available emergency shelters where required, repairing damaged infrastructure, and ensuring that essential services are maintained.

  • The response to Huda builds on months of inter-agency winterization preparations. Between November 2014 and March 2015, 258,000 vulnerable individuals are to be targeted in urban areas.

  • Over 146,000 individuals or 37,321 families have already been assisted in urban areas through winterization cash programmes, and in-kind provision of gas heaters, cylinders and refill, matresses, blankets and other non-food items. Vulnerable groups, including boys and girls, have also been targeted through specific cash assistance programmes. All refugees in camps have received some tailored winterization support.

  • The emergency response to Huda has been bolstered by the significant delivery of assistance to refugee and host communities over the last year. Through the Refugee Response Plan (RRP6), over 600,000 refugees and 650,000 Jordanians were assisted in 2014, with donors providing over USD 600 million for the response.