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Jordan Inter-Sector Working Group Update - March 2015


I. General / Inter-Sector Update

Refugee Statistics: As of 28 March, 627,287 Syrian individuals were registered in Jordan. The majority of the refugees, 521,232 individuals (83%) were registered in urban areas. The population of Azraq rose to 17,192 while the population of Zaatari was remained relatively stable at 83,515 individuals. 51.6% of the refugees are children, while 3.5% are elderly individuals over 60.

Borders: There was a spike in the number of arrivals crossing the Eastern border between 12 and 19 March; the number of individuals arriving at the border exceeded 100 per day, peaking at over 300 arrivals for three consecutive days. From 20 March, the average numbers transported to Raba Sarhan reduced to average of 25 individuals per day to date. By 31 March, refugees were reported to be accumulating at the border, with an estimated 1,500 at the berm in Rukban and an estimated 600-700 at Hadalat. [NB As of early April, this figure has risen to 2,500). The physical condition of the arrivals is poor. On 27th March the Border Guards requested welcome meals from WFP, who responded with 4,400 welcome meals and 1.8mt of high energy biscuits to the border. UNHCR is sending jerrycans, blankets and sleeping mats. A coordinated response is being provided by UNICEF, IOM, WFP and UNHCR, in liaison with ICRC.