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Jordan Inter-Sector Working Group Update - August 2018

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This monthly update is a coordination tool that aims to improve communication between sectors and up to the Humanitarian Partners Forum. It focuses on processes, rather than achievements. The latter are covered through separate monthly sector dashboards, available through the Inter-Agency Portal and at

I. General / Inter-Sector Update

The 2nd quarterly report of the Financial Tracking System has been made available and was shared with the ISWG ( Each sector was reminded to report to FTS through their financial focal point, and it was again emphasized that that the funds received in 2017 for 2018 as a part of multi-year appeal, which was newly introduced in 2017, have been included in the reporting on funds received in 2018 for this year’s project.

ISWG consultation also focused on reinforcing the resilience pillar of the 3RP, and it was reminded how sectors were requested to provide inputs based on the sectoral consultations on how the Jordanian Government’s national development plan could be adopted into the current resilience pillar of the 3RP. Recommendation was made before to adopt the JRP to include the national development plan by analyzing what is not covered in the 3RP.

Inputs from each sector on the consequences of underfunding and how many Syrians and Jordanians would be affected as a result were gathered in order to advocate to donors for continues support.