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Jordan INGO Forum Newsletter Newsletter July-August | Issue 10

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  1. Humanitarian & Development Overview
  2. Partners activities in Camps
  3. Partners activities in Host Community
  4. Voice from Jordan
  5. Innovation
  6. Advocacy
  7. Changing the narrative

Humanitarian and Development Overview

With the Government of Syria largely retaking the southern regions of Dara’a and Quneitra, the capacity and political space for UN and NGOs to undertake cross-border activities from Jordan immensely reduced over the summer.

Further east, the humanitarian situation of some 45,000 people at Rukban continued to raise strong concerns over the summer and in August, several hundred families were reported to have moved out of the camp due to poor living conditions while no agreement on humanitarian convoy was reached. Security clearance for medical admission for the most serious cases remains largely insufficient compared with the needs: in July and August, only 134 referrals were admitted in Jordan’s hospitals. The situation in Rukban would later extremely deteriorate in the following months, especially the access to medical care, with dramatic consequences on the population, including cases of death.

At the end of August, Azraq camp was hosting 40,846 registered individuals, a decreased number largely due to the ‘amnesty’ process undertook by the Government of Jordan and UNHCR to ‘rectify’ the status of Syrian refugees who had previously left the camps for the host communities without authorization. Of note, the number of refugees in V5 increased, with 9,803 individuals in Village 5 (V5), due to the forced relocation of individuals from host communities to the camp, officially on security grounds. Over July and August, the screening process allowing V5 residents to transfer out of the fenced areas of the camp was still ongoing, albeit slowly.