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Jordan: Impacts of Electricity - Participatory Impact Assessment of Electricity Access in Zaatari and Azraq Camps - December 2018



Energy for Sustainable Development is a major institutional priority and providing electricity to homes and businesses is one of the main goals for the UNHCR. The development of electrical infrastructure in Jordan’s Syrian refugee camps has been guided by the Global Strategy for Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (2014-2018), which formulates the following vision for 2018: “All refugees are able to satisfy their energy needs for cooking and lighting in a safe and sustainable manner, without fear or risk to their health, well-being and personal security.”

With an increased interest from the donor community around innovative financing, renewable infrastructure and replication of similar initiatives to the solar plants in Azraq and Zaatari camps, the objective of this the Participatory Impact Assessment (PIA) on the provision of electrical energy is to provide statistical data and qualitative findings into the impacts that electricity has on the protection, health, education and economic inclusion & livelihood outcomes of refugee in Zaatari and Azraq camps. In addition to the presented impacts on the lives of refugee’s, positive operational impacts regarding the environmental and financial benefits of renewable infrastructure are detailed.

The data presented is based on a series of qualitative and quantitative assessment techniques undertaken by the Technical Unit, partners and contracted organizations since the camps opened in 2014. These include surveys of the camp population and focus group discussions with men, women, boys, and girls; formal and informal interviews with camp residents, staff and electrical contractors and a review of existing literature on electricity and energy provisions in camps. Details about these sources, methodology and analysis can be found in the document Electricity Participatory Impact Assessment Report: Analysis from PIA in Azraq and Zaatari Camps Quantifying the Overall Impacts Electricity has on the lives of refugees (2018) available through UNHCR Jordan.