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Jordan: Factsheet, Field Office - Irbid, March 2015

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As the conflict in Syria has continued for over four years, nearly four million people have fled into the neighbouring countries in search of refuge. In response to the increasing numbers of Syrians in the north of Jordan, UNHCR established a registration centre in Irbid in February 2013. In January 2014, UNHCR established Field Office-Irbid (FOI), and throughout early 2014 Branch Office-Amman handed over authority to FOI. FOI now manages UNHCR’s activities and coordinates assistance in Irbid, Ajloun and Jerash governorates.

UNHCR has an active registered caseload in Jordan of 628,427 persons of concern, of whom 161,786 (26%) have found refuge in Irbid, Jerash, or Ajloun. (Numbers as of 8 April 2015.) The vast majority of Syrian refugees in FO-Irbid’s area of responsibility are scattered in towns and villages, living outside of camp settings. In these host communities, they rent and share accommodation and access essential services, including education and health care. FOI conducts registration of new cases and renewals of Asylum Seeker Certificates, provides counselling, manages Help Desks, and works with partners to provide protection services, shelter assistance, and community support projects. UNHCR also manages, in cooperation with Jordan’s Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD), two camps that were established at the beginning of the crisis: King Abdallah Park and Cyber City.