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Jordan: Communication with Communities (CwC) Factsheet - July 2020

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  • Over 1,340,000 SMS sent to more than 357,000 persons of concern, covering different topics.

  • 36 posts made through social media with a combined reach of 424,687 individuals, covering different topics.

  • 245,565 phone calls handled by UNHCR Helpline (IVR), with basic needs (assistance) being the top reason for calling (45.1% of calls).

  • 5 messages sent through WhatsApp to front line colleagues, CSCs and community groups.

  • 0 Mobile Helpdesks held during this month due to the measures in response to COVID-19. 4,447 cases counselled through phone calls.

  • Increase in followers by 6,480 on Facebook and 202 on Twitter.


Communication with Communities (CwC) is a key element of UNHCR’s protection and operational response. The priority of CwC activities is to ensure that refugees receive the right information in a timely manner, in order to preserve their protection, access to services, well-being, and to prevent fraud and protection risks.

UNHCR pays close attention to the occurrence of rumours by monitoring social media platforms, considering fraud and protection risks that they may generate, especially with the increase of resettlement opportunities. To prevent such risks, UNHCR shares information both proactively and reactively through various communication channels.
Using different communication tools is essential considering that the refugee population in Jordan is diverse in origin, backgrounds and locations and the fact that some messages concern either the entire refugee population or specific groups.