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Inter-Sector Working Group, Jordan: Refugee Response Coordination, Coronavirus – Update March 2021

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I. General Update

COVID-19 Vaccination Centers in Za’atari and Azraq Camps

Refugees are receiving their COVID-19 vaccination at the Camps’ Vaccination Centers in Azraq and Za’atari, both previously approved by MOH and the Crises Management Team. In Azraq Camp, the Center was activated on 15 March 2021, while in Za’atari the Vaccination Center already started its services on 15 February. Prior to the centers’ activation, refugees had to commute to receive their vaccination in Mafraq and Zarqa, respectively. COVID-19 cases

In March, 6,393 PCR swabs/tests were collected in Zaatari Camp out of which 320 new cases tested positive, which brings the total of PCR tests in Za’atari to 30,817. As of 31 March, 1,675 COVID-19 cases were confirmed, of which 1,539 cases have completed their quarantine and treatment. In total, Za’atari counted 16 COVID related deaths, of which five were reported in March. The number of active COVID-19 cases by the end of march amounts to 120 in Za’atari.

In Azraq Camp the number of active Corona cases as of 31 March amounts to 150. In total, there have been 893 confirmed cases, of which 736 completed their isolation or were discharged. Fatalities related to COVID-19 amounted to 7 by the end of March. A total of 36,783 PCR tests were collected in Azraq Camp, out of which 7,837 during March resulting in 263 new COVID-19 cases.

Emirates Jordanian Camp (EJC) camp counted 19 active Corona cases as of 31 March. In total, there have been 378 confirmed cases of which 354 have completed their isolation or treatment. In total, EJC counted five corona related deaths. During the reporting month, 184 PCR tests were taken resulting in a total of 4,548 tests conducted by end March.

In King Abdullah Park (KAP) 363 PCR swabs/tests were collected in March out of which 24 new cases tested positive. As of 31 March, KAP had 54 active positive COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 Vaccination

In Za’atari, as of 31st of March, 4,267 refugee individuals have registered in the MOH Platform to take the vaccine, of which 2,708 have received their appointments. In total, 1,822 individuals have taken the COVID-19 vaccine, out of which 568 have received already two doses.

By the end of March in Azraq 1,507 refugees have registered for the vaccine; By 31 March 791 had gotten appointments. A total of 230 individuals got vaccinated, out of whom 198 got the first dose and 32 the two doses; 561 , the majority not having taken the vaccine upon their appointment were out of camp, while a small number were hesitant to pursue with the vaccination. 716 individuals are still pending appointments for vaccinationmostly because their young age groups have not yet been called.

In EJC, 182 individuals have registered in the MOH platform as of end March, of which 111 got appointments. 88 88 have been vaccinated while 21 changed their mind. Hence, 71 are pending appointments for the vaccination. As of 31st of March, in KAP 62 refugees have registered for vaccination. In total, 24 individuals have taken the 1st dose of the vaccine, none have gotten the second dose by end March.