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Inter-Sector Working Group, Jordan: Refugee Response Coordination, Coronavirus – Update February 2021

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General Update

The number of NGOs with funding shortfalls is growing. This raises justifiable concerns of actors needing to scale down or even close their projects.

In February, Government of Jordan’s vaccine registration platform has been modified to enable the use of the UNHCR unique registration ID number for asylum seekers and refugees to register for the vaccine. Inter-Agency partners are grateful to the Government of Jordan for this exemplary inclusive approach.

As one of the first countries where refugees have been included in the national vaccination campaign, Jordan opened its first vaccination center in Za’atari Camp on 15 February, which was globally, the first of its kind. During this month, 248 elderly persons were vaccinated, of which 66% have taken their second dose. By the end of February, a total of 1,801 refugees had registered on the vaccine platform which corresponds to 80.14 % of the 60 years and older and 39.9% of 50 to 59 years old refugees in Za’atari Camp.

The decision to open a vaccination centre in Azraq Cmp has yet to be finalized and depends on the age groups and number of individuals registering to obtain the vaccine. In Azraq, 975 camp residents registered for the vaccine on the MoH platform. 30 have received vaccination appointments, of which 15 withdrew and did not take up their appointment, 8 received both doses and 7 are scheduled to receive the second dose in March. The relatively low numbers in Azraq are owed to the fact that predominantly younger age groups registered for the vaccine, which have not yet been called.

In EJC, 128 residents registered for the vaccine. 57 have received appointments of which 20 did not take up their appointment, 23 have taken the first dose and 14 had received both doses. 71 refugees are still awaiting their vaccination appointments.

On 28 February in Za’atari Camp, the mobile registration commenced for refugees with mobility impairments, including a 110-year-old refugee woman who got vaccinated at her home. Mobile vaccination at home is also scheduled to take off in Azraq Camp next month.

In Za’atari, the number of active Corona cases as of 28 February amounts to 25. In total, there have been 1,355 confirmed cases, of which 1,319 have recovered and were discharged. During this month, the number of confirmed cases has relatively decreased. Out of the 25 active cases, most were asymptomatic and only 4 cases developed symptoms and were admitted to MoH Hospitals. The number of hospitalizations has significantly decreased from January, where 39 cases were admitted. In total, Za’atari counted 11 COVID related fatalities, of which two were reported in the month of February. 5,266 PCR tests have been conducted in Za’atari this month, resulting in an accumulative total of 24,424 tests as of 28 February.

Azraq camp counted 14 active Corona cases on 28 February. In total, there have been 621 confirmed cases of which 605 have completed their treatment or quarantine. In total, Azraq counted 2 corona related deaths. During the reporting month, 7,444 PCR tests were conducted resulting in a total of 28,946 tests conducted by end February.

In Emirates Jordanian Camp (EJC), the number of active Corona cases as of 28 February amounts to 03. In total, there have been 351 confirmed cases, of which 344 completed their isolation or were discharged. Fatalities related to COVID-19 amounted to 4 by end February. A total of 4,364 PCR tests have been conducted.