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Inter-Sector Working Group, Jordan: Refugee Response Coordination, Coronavirus – Update 18 October 2020

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This update aims to provide information on progress towards implementation of the objectives of the Jordan Contingency & Response Plan in response to COVID-19. It is available through UNHCR’s Operational Portal at COVID-19 Response Page

I. General Update

The Jordan Response Plan (JRP) 2021 – 2023 is currently being reviewed. Under the leadership of MoPIC and in collaboration with line ministries, all sectors are reviewing their projects and activities in the context of COVID-19 while considering their plans to the needs and priorities as defined by the respective line ministries. The exercise therefore focusses on a review of the project summary sheets and the related budget, while the annual budget cannot be increased by more than 10%. Projects and activities can be discontinued, removed or amended with the relevant justifications and new projects can be added specifying the reasoning. The Plan has a humanitarian and a resilience pillar. Each pillar has four components: 1) refugee, 2) host community, 3) infrastructure and institutional capacity building and a the newly added 4) COVID-19 component.

In Za’atari camp, a total of 6,654 PCR swabs have been collected as of 20 October. The confirmed positive cases in the Camp amount to 41 (as of 20 October), of which 36 cases are active and 5 have recovered. The MSF COVID-19 treatment center in Za’atari Camp started functioning for COVID-19 patients with two cases having been admitted, who are currently under treatment.

In Azraq camp as of 20 October 2020, a total of 8,634 PCR swabs were collected. The active surveillance and contact tracing by MoH supported by Health partners is ongoing. In total, 395 COVID-19 cases were confirmed: 60 cases were released from the Dead Sea area, Hamza Hospital and Public Area after completing the quarantine period and treatment; 12 active COVID-19 cases are in the public area for quarantine and 323 active Corona cases are in home-isolation at their shelters/plots.

In King Abdullah Park (KAP), the quarantine area has been deactivated and active surveillance system is in place and applied on all residents and returnees.