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Inter-Sector Working Group, Jordan: Refugee Response Coordination, Coronavirus – Update 17 May 2020

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I. General Update

On 11 May, random COVID-19 tests were conducted in Azraq camp where two MoH teams successfully collected 225 random samples from all over the camp including the basecamp, public area, SRAD compound, malls, clinics/hospital and all the villages. Likewise, MoH conducted random tests in EJC whereby 99 random samples were collected. The results are expected shortly.

The two rounds of random tests conducted in Zaatari with 150 the first time and 112 the second time were all negative. There are no positive cases to date in the camps.

UNHCR continued to monitor the situation in Mafraq urban area after the confirmed cases. Driven by their worry that the isolation of the areas would be long and that they might run out of money, some refugees were able to prepare themselves for the lockdown. Refugees in the areas confirmed that they were included in the messaging and sample taking. In Zaatari camp, all organizations as per MoH guidance to enhance the safety of the camp were advised to verify their staff from areas were COVID-19 cases were confirmed.

With the support of Um Jamal municipality, all public areas in Zaatari camp were disinfected.

The Inter-Agency Community-Based Complaint Referral Mechanism (CBCRM) was developed by PSEA Network and the PSEA Task Force on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Humanitarian Personnel (PSEA Network). In 2020, the PSEA network co-chaired by UNHCR and INTERSOS led the development of the strategy and CBCM with a view to strengthening its compliance with a survivor-centred approach as well as global good practices on PSEA. A task force to review the CBCRM was created and included UNICEF, OCHA, UNFPA, UN Women, Collateral Repair Project (CRP), UNHCR and INTERSOS. The final CBCRM was consolidated on 12 May 2020 and will be signed next week by RC, UNHCR Representative and all PSEA members heads of agencies and organizations members of the PSEA Network.