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Inter-Sector Working Group, Jordan: Refugee Response Coordination, Coronavirus – Update 26 July 2020

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This update aims to provide information on progress towards implementation of the objectives of the Jordan Contingency & Response Plan in response to COVID-19. It is available through UNHCR’s Operational Portal at COVID-19 Response Page

I. General Update

The authorities approved the re-opening of the camps on 26 July 2020 and refugees were also informed. Refugees holding work permits are now able to access their livelihood activities outside the camp. Leave permits will be provided for special cases and refugees who were stranded outside the camps can now also return.

On 27 July 2020, under the leadership of the UNHCR / INTERSOS, the UN and I/NGOs signed today the Inter-Agency Community-Based Complaints Referral Mechanism (CBCRM) agreement that puts a system in place for prevention and response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA). During the launch, Partners reinforced the need for both collective and individual organizational commitments to support persons of concern. The CBCRM outlines key measures that need to be in place to prevent, respond and assist sexual exploitation and abuse including:

  • Ensuring SEA is addressed through a victim-centred approach;
  • Strategic communication and role modelling to promote positive change in organizational culture.
  • Improve systems to stop transgressors from moving through the humanitarian sector;

The Jordan PSEA network is leading efforts to support a systematic approach to coordinating and improving organizational standards on codes of conduct, and regulations to guide the behaviour of personnel.