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Inter-Sector Working Group, Jordan: Refugee Response Coordination, Coronavirus – Update 12 July 2020

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This update aims to provide information on progress towards implementation of the objectives of the Jordan Contingency & Response Plan in response to COVID-19. It is available through UNHCR’s Operational Portal at COVID-19 Response Page.

I. General Update

As per decision of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), all expired UNHCR-issued Asylum Seeker/Refugee certificates are to be considered valid until the end of 2020. This decision comes into effect in an effort to facilitate access to rights and services while limiting large gatherings and to avoid exposing refugees and asylum seekers at risk of COVID-19. Refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan may still access the available services (health, education, etc.) as per the regular procedures, even if their certificate has expired.

As per the decision of the Ministry of Health (MoH), all non-Syrian asylum seekers and refugees across the Kingdom will now be able to access healthcare at hospitals and medical facilities run by the Ministry of Health at the non-insured Jordanian rate by presenting their UNHCR-issued Asylum Seeker/Refugee certificates. The MoH is already in the process of informing all relevant health facilities accordingly and UNHCR stands ready with its helpline to assist refugees should they experience difficulties in accessing the health care at non-insured Jordanian rate.