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Inter-Agency Regional Response for Syrian Refugees: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, 26 February - 4 March 2013

Situation Report
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  • “With a million people in flight, millions more displaced internally, and thousands of people continuing to cross the border every day, Syria is spiralling towards full-scale disaster" - UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres.

  • Underfunding remains a major operational challenge. It is vital and urgent that host Governments and their populations are well supported by the international community in sharing the heavy burden.

  • The exodus of Syrian refugees accelerated dramatically in recent weeks, doubling in three months to 1 million from 500,000 in December 2012.

  • Impact on host countries is severe:

Lebanon - population has increased by as much as 10 per cent.
Jordan - energy, water, health and education services are being strained to the limit.
Turkey - Government has spent over US$600 million setting up 17 refugee camps, with more under construction.
Iraq - hosting more than 100,000 Syrian refugees in addition to its own crisis with more than 1 million Iraqi IDPs.
Egypt - over 20,000 Syrian refugees registered and a further 23,000 identified as in need of assistance.