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Cash for Work in Zaatari Camp, Basic Needs and Livelihoods Working Group - January 2017


As a result of the lack of livlihoods opportunities in Zaatari camp, UNHCR and partners have focused their efforts on providing a significant number of services through Cash for Work (CfW); an initiative in which refugees are renumerated for supporting partner programming in the camp. CfW activities are coordinated by the Basic Needs and Livelihoods Working Group (BNLWG) and partner members, who during 2015 developed CfW guidelines that aim to promote equal CfW opportunities to all refugees in the camp, and improve information management about the active cash for workers by harmonizing the CfW approach of humanitarian actors. To facilitate the continuous development of the CfW guidelines and increase the tranparency of CfW activities in the camp, the BNLWG has developed a CfW factsheet. This factsheet is based on the information that humanitarian actors in the camp provide to the BNWG about their CfW activities at the end of each month.