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Achievements newsletter: Education and Civil Society Network for Displacement starting 2020 with gratitude to our 2019 achievements


INNOVATION IN EDUCATION CONNECTED LEARNING HUBS: Launching 10 Connected Learning Hubs countrywide in collaboration with Learning Equality and aiming at strengthening the quality of education through digital learning. Around 5,000 (57% Females / 43% Males) refugee and Jordanian learners accessed the hubs since the launch in April 2019. On World Refugee Day 2019, UNHCR High Commissioner inaugurated the Connected Learning Hub at Azraq Camp.

ABDUL AZIZ AL-GHURAIR REFUGEE EDUCATION FUND: Among 65 proposals, UNHCR Jordan was granted AGRE fund for 2019. The project will support non-Syrian children to access school, and provides blended certified English, IT and vocational courses.

INNOVATIVE EDUCATION REPORT: Situational Analysis report titled: “Innovative Education Approach-Connected/Blended Learning for Refugees” was published by education team in consultation with refugee and Jordanian youth and adolescents to better understand their perspectives of E-Learning, in preparation for delivering connected learning projects. (Report was uploaded on UNHCR Data Portal).