Report on response to the appeal for resources to assist the recovery of Japanese people affected by the earthquake and the tsunami dated March 11, 2011

from Government of Viet Nam, Vietnam Red Cross Society
Published on 21 Jun 2011 View Original

Ref No: 98 /BC-TUHCTĐ Hanoi, June 21st, 2011

(mobilization period: March 16th to June 15 th , 2011)

Under the guidance of the Secretariat of the Communist Party Central Committee of Vietnam and the Prime Minister of Vietnam (reference made to the Official Letter No. 355-CV/VPTW, dated 16/3/2011 of the Cabinet of the Party Central Committee; and the Official Letter No. 1565/VPCP-KGVX, dated 15/3/2011 of the Office of the Government) assigning Viet Nam Red Cross Society to act as the focal point to organize a nationwide donation appeal to assist the people affected by tsunamis and earthquake in Japan to recover from the disaster consequences. Vietnam Red Cross National Headquarter had launched Official Appeal on March 16, 2011 to call the donation from all ministries, governmental agencies, Fatherland Front, organizations, corporations, enterprises, and people all over of Vietnam to assist people affected by tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

The three months of mobilization of resources to support the recovery of people from tsunami and earthquake consequences in Japan marked with great achievements and mass supports from different people, organizations, economic entities, explicitly expressed Vietnamese affection and care to Japanese people. Pursuant to the regulations provided under the Governmental Decree No. 64/2008/ND-CP dated May 14, 2008 and the Ministry of Finance’s Circular No. 72/2008/TT-BTC dated July 31, 2008, Viet Nam Red Cross National Headquarters present herein the report on response to the Appeal:

I. Guidance on implementation:

Responding to the Appeal of Viet Nam Red Cross National Headquarters on resources to assist the Japanese people to recover from the tsunami and the earthquake consequences, most of ministries, central and provincial agencies and organizations, enterprises, schools, military units etc mobilized their employees, students, pupils to provide assistance in various forms to Japanese people. Viet Nam Fatherland Central Committee issued the directing letter to offices within Viet Nam Fatherland system to express the response to Viet Nam Red Cross National Headquarters’ Appeal and to mobilize cash and kinds support via the line of Red Cross. Ministry of Information and Communications was proactive in coordination with Viet Nam Red Cross National Headquarters and relating agencies to implement the donation SMS via the National Humanitarian portal 1400.