Provision of daily commodities for households moving into temporary housing

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PWJ has been carrying out its relief support to Kesennuma City and Minami Sanriku Cho in Miyagi Prefecture and Rikuzen Takata City and Ofunato City in Iwate Prefecture to respond to the Eastern Japan Earthquake.

As part of its relief effort, PWJ in cooperation with Aeon Co., Ltd. procured and provided daily commodities (such as sanitary products and kitchenware) for households moving into temporary housing that are under construction in Iwate Prefecture.

PWJ has been coordinating with Iwate Prefecture Office regarding the items and target households. The items are therefore selected according to the family compositions and gender.

On April 9, evacuees moved into 36 temporary houses, the first batch of housing built after the disaster, in Rikuzen Takata City, Iwate Prefecture. ‘We are really happy to receive a set of daily commodities that are useful right away’, they expressed their happiness. (Daily commodities procured and provided by PWJ)

Common items: Shampoo, soap, bath towels, washbowls, kettle, pot, frying pan, first aid kit, clock etc

Male adult: Bedding, utensils, underwear, sweat pants, socks, shaver, etc

Female adult: Bedding, utensils, underwear, sweat pants, sanitary products etc

Babies and infants: Bedding, diapers, underwear, shirts, sweat shirts, nappy wipes etc

The number of targeted households is 2000 in Ofuna City, and 4000 in Rikuzen Takata City, and we are hoping to target 5000 households in Kamaishi City in the near future (all in Iwate Prefecture)

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