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Preparedness map for community resilience: Earthquakes - Experience of Japan

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Perched on the edge of the intersection of three tectonic plates, Japan has been repeatedly hit and devastated by earthquakes. However, Japan has revitalized itself as a nation and a society every time, and its accumulated knowledge has served to advance its resilience and minimize future risks and losses.

This manual focuses on Japanese Seismic Preparedness Maps, one of the tools used in Japan to communicate earthquake risks for better preparedness at the community level.

Produced by local governments, these maps aim to help communities prepare for future potential seismic events with information on hazard and risk levels, estimated damages, and evacuation routes and sites. Information on key contacts at government agencies where support can be provided and tips to reduce the impact from earthquakes at the community and household levels.

The intended audience of this handbook is government officials and practitioners working in seismic risk management, communitybased disaster risk management, risk communications, and related areas who are responsible for preparing communities for the next big seismic event. The hope is that Japan’s approach to risk communication at the community level can be leveraged in other countries with high seismic risk.