Mid-term report for the Eastern Japan Earthquake Relief Support

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The 9.0-magnitude earthquake with the epicenter at the offshore of Miyagi Prefecture hit the Eastern part of Japan at 2:46 PM on March 11, 2011. To respond to this enormous earthquake, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) decided to take an immediate action at its strategic meeting held on the same day and sent its staff members to the disaster hit areas for an initial assessment on March 12.

The PWJ staff witnessed the dreadful damages caused by the earthquake and tsunami on site. As soon as they confirmed the situation of a great number of evacuees who ran for their lives and were staying at the evacuation center without having sufficient food and medical supplies, PWJ started its emergency relief effort based at Kesennuma Junior High School in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.

Given the wide areas of damages and lack of access to these affected areas due to the cut-off roads and their bad conditions, it has been extremely challenging to provide relief support. Despite the difficulties in securing gasoline and the sensitivities towards the influence by the nuclear power accident in Fukushima, the PWJ continues to implement its activities.

As of March 31, PWJ is operating relief effort to respond to the needs that change at the daily basis in addition to the temporary bath construction project at the evacuation center as well as distribution of emergency relief supplies. PWJ also started to look into the necessity for mid to long-term support such as provision of supplies to those moving into the temporary housing and psycho-social care, both from the hard and soft dimensions.

We have received a number of donation and messages from private companies and individuals from all over Japan as well as overseas. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to your support which will enable us to continue our relief support operation. We will periodically report our activities and the use of the donations.

To support the recovery of the disaster affected areas at the earliest possible, PWJ will continue its relief effort for the disaster victims who desperately need support. We highly appreciate to your continued support.