Japan Typhoon 19 / Typhoon Hagibis: Situation Report 1 – period covered: October 12-14, 2019


Situation Overview

Typhoon 19 (Hagibis) made landfall on October 10, 2019 just before 1900 local time at Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. In advance of the typhoon, millions of people across Japan were asked to evacuate due to the risk of landslides and flooding. Humanity Road activated it’s disaster desk on October 12, 2019 as Typhoon 19 began impacting multiple prefectures.

As of 0100 October 14, an estimated 15 prefectures have been impacted by historic rainfall, flooding, and landslides, 31 people have died, 186 people were injured, and 14 people are missing. An estimated 59,100 households are without power. A total of 142 rivers overflowed and there were breakdown of river banks in 21 rivers at 24 locations.

This situation report number one provides useful official disaster resources and situational information based on early indications in social media.