Japan: Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Seismic Damage Information (the 71th Release) (As of 15:30 April 4th, 2011)

News and Press Release
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Major updates are as follows.

  1. Nuclear Power Stations (NPSs) Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS - Lighting in the turbine building of Units 1 to 4 was partially turned on. (April 2nd)
  • In order to switch the power supply to the motor-driven pumps injecting fresh water to the reactors of Units 1 to 3 from the temporary power supply to the external power supply, the injections to the reactors were temporarily carried out using the Fire Pump Trucks. Currently, the injections using the motor-driven pumps receiving power from the external power supply are being carried out. (The time for the injection using the Fire Pump Truck)

Unit 1: from 10:42 to 11:52 April 3rd Unit 2: from 10:22 to 12:06 April 3rd Unit 3: from 10:03 to 12:16 April 3rd (The time for switching to the external power supply for the fresh water injection to the reactor)

Unit 1: 12:02 April 3rd Unit 2: 12:12 April 3rd Unit 3: 12:18 April 3rd - As the measure to prevent the outflow of the water accumulated in the Pits for Conduit in the area around the Inlet Bar Screen of Unit 2, the upper part of the Power Cable Trench for power source at Intake Channel was crushed and high polymer absorbent, etc. were put inside. (From 13:47 till14:30 April 3rd)

  • The freshwater was transferred from the barge (the second ship) of the US armed force to the barge (the first ship). (From 09:52 to 11:15 April 3rd)

  • The stagnant water in the Main Building of Radioactive Waste Treatment Facilities is being transferred to the turbine building of Unit 4. (April 2nd)