Japan: Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Seismic Damage Information (the 69th Release) (As of 16:00 April 2nd, 2011)

News and Press Release
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Major updates are as follows.

  1. Nuclear Power Stations (NPSs)

Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS

  • The water, of which the dose rate was at the level of more than 1,000 mSv/h, was confirmed to be collected in the pit (a vertical portion of an underground structure) for laying electric cables, located near the Intake Channel of Unit 2. In addition, the outflow from the crack with a length of around 20 cm in the concrete portion of the lateral surface of the pit into the sea was confirmed. (Around 09:30 April 2nd)

  • Water spray (fresh water) for Unit 3 using Concrete Pump Truck was carried out. (From 09:52 till 12:54 April 2nd)

  • The second barge of the US armed forces carrying fresh water for cooling reactors, etc. landed in the exclusive port of the power station, being towed by the ships of Maritime Self-Defense Force. (09:10 April 2nd)

  • The transfer of fresh water from the barge (the first one) to the Filtrate Tank was resumed. (10:20 April 2nd)