Japan, Northern Mariana Islands - Tropical Cyclone NEOGURI and BUALOI (DG ECHO, GDACS, JTWC, JMA, NOAA, media) (Echo Daily Flash of 22 October 2019)

  • Tropical Cyclone NEOGURI is moving close to Honshu Island, bringing heavy rain but weakening. On 22 October at 0.00 UTC, its centre was 83 km west of Hachijo Jima Island (Izu archipelago),and 300 km south-west of Tokyo City with maximum sustained winds of 83 km/h (tropical storm).
  • NEOGURI is forecast to pass near Hachijo Jima Island and to move offshore over the North Pacific Ocean before dissipating.
  • Tropical Cyclone BUALOI passed close to the Northern Mariana Islands between Anatahan and Sargan Islands, strengthening as it moves north-west towards Ogasawara Islands (Japan). On 22 - -October at 0.00, its centre was approximately 140 km south-east of Pagan Island (northern Mariana Islands), with maximum sustained winds of 213 km/h.
  • BUALOI will continue north approaching Ogasawara Islands on 23-24 October, bringing heavy rain and strong winds up to 222 km/h.
  • A red warning has been issued by Japan's Meteorological Agency (JMA) for heavy rain and flooding across Nagano and Tokyo Prefectures, including Ogasawara islands.