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From Japan to Joplin: 2011 Emergency Response

AmeriCares disaster relief helped save lives and reduce human suffering January 10, 2012


View our photo gallery to read more about our work around the world in 2011 In 2011— a year that brought major disasters that affected millions around the world—AmeriCares delivered lifesaving medicines, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to help survivors of these and other emergencies. Our promise is simple: when people are in crisis, we deliver the help they need — whenever they need it, and wherever they are.

Libya February 2011 | Refugee Crisis

A violent struggle to overthrow Muammar Qadhafi resulted in mass displacement within Libya and a widespread refugee crisis as hundreds of thousands fled to neighboring countries. AmeriCares responded with four shipments of medical aid to support primary care services in transit camps along the Egypt /Tunisia border, mobile medical teams working with affected populations in Western Libya, and hospitals and clinics facing dire shortages of crucial medicines and supplies.

Japan March, 2011 | Earthquake and Tsunami

On March 11, a powerful 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan, unleashing massive tsunami waves and causing widespread devastation. AmeriCares relief experts were immediately dispatched, and during the next two months, we delivered multiple shipments of relief supplies, blankets, and water to help thousands of displaced families. AmeriCares established an in-country team in Sendai to oversee a long-term recovery initiative focusing on restoring health care services, reconstructing damaged facilities, and supporting mental health programs.

Missouri USA May, 2011 | Tornado

On May 22, a massive EF-5 tornado— the single deadliest twister to strike the U.S. in more than 60 years – ripped through the city of Joplin. AmeriCares immediately responded with deliveries of chronic care medicines, antibiotics and vaccines to responding clinics and health care providers, as well as bottled water, blankets and relief items for rescue workers and displaced families. Today, AmeriCares continues to support the restoration of health care services in the city with a series of disaster relief grants.

Horn of Africa July, 2011 | Drought and Famine

The Horn of Africa is in the grip of a deadly drought and famine, resulting in mass starvation and a refugee crisis of epic proportions. In Somalia, more than half the population is in crisis, with women and children especially at risk of malnutrition, disease and chronic illness. AmeriCares launched a large scale emergency response with medical aid shipments to support mobile medical teams and clinics in Somalia, water purification for affected communities in Kenya and Ethiopia, nutritional supplements for babies and mothers, as well as constructing and equipping a field hospital in Kenya.

Pakistan August, 2011 | Flooding

In the wake of massive flooding caused by severe monsoon rains, AmeriCares coordinated a targeted response to help thousands of families -- many of whom are still recovering from the disastrous July, 2010 floods that left 20 million people homeless. From delivering crucial medicines and supplies, to digging wells and installing water pumps, to restoring primary health facilities, AmeriCares continues to help the people of Pakistan recover and rebuild.