In depth damage report by affected cities and children

Situation Report
Originally published


I. Overview

With the massive earthquake and the following tsunamis happened on 11 March 2011 (14:46 JST), northern part of Japan was severely damaged. Complete picture of total loss is still not seen as the number of death is increasing and investigation on various damages is still under way. After one month from the disaster, the picture is gradually unveiling as the search operation continues. The casualties and missing exceed 28,000 and many facilities were destroyed. There still are 162,000 evacuees in 2,300 shelters.

There are some agencies updating figures daily but some information is available only in Japanese. This report lists consolidated in-depth figures on damage on human, housing and building, fire cases, situation of evacuation shelters based on the information available at the time of reporting. It will also list detailed damage situation by cities in major affected Prefectures.

This report will also describe current situation on the affected children who are one of the vulnerable population among the affected community and need strong support.

As part of our response to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, SEEDS Asia supports the affected communities by compiling humanitarian information on the ground in the affected area to be disseminated to the greater humanitarian community.