AMDA Emergency Relief #5: Flood Disaster in Kyushu, Japan (13 July 2020)

News and Press Release
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As of 10 July, AMDA’s relief team has been working at Dai-ichi Junior High School, an evacuation shelter in flood-hit Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

1. Dai-ichi Junior High School

AMDA team looked after evacuees’ health conditions from 8 July. The number of evacuees was 116 as of the 10th.

On the 9th, AMDA’s medical staff continued to see patients with external injuries and alleged cellulitis (a type of skin infection), while conducting a health survey with community health workers and medical personnel from other aid organizations. For patients with alleged economy-class syndrome, the team provided medical compression stockings to ease their blood flow.

Meanwhile, the team sorted out evacuee information with relief personnel from various organizations, namely, Kumamoto Prefectural Government, the Kumamura village, and Disaster Health Emergency Assistance Team (DHEAT), a government team which arrived that day. The accumulated evacuee information helped establish a “database” to be used by local medical teams for further relief work.

Moreover, AMDA personnel took part in setting up cardboard beds and partitions with aid workers and evacuees themselves at the shelter. A floor map which was created based on the AMDA’s pre-surveys proved useful during the preparation.

As Kumamura’s health workers had been exhausted from working around the clock, AMDA nurses took part in their rounds from the evening of the 9th. They constantly kept an eye on evacuees with alleged health problems, so that the updated information regarding their conditions could be shared with the next personnel in charge.

Now that local medical facilities have resumed services (coupled with the allocation of specialized nurses for disaster relief at the shelter), AMDA’s medical personnel decided to complete their work in the morning of the 10th. However, as the evacuation life is likely to be prolonged, AMDA’s staff are still at the site, handling needs surveys and other relevant tasks.