AMDA Emergency Bulletin #16: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

On Apr. 10th a number of volunteers gathered at a local temple in Okayama (home to AMDA) to sort out stationery to be sent to the disaster victims in Ohstuchicho and Kamaishi City in Iwate Pref. 1,500 sets of stationery (originally donated by high school students from Hiroshima) will be sent to the afflicted sites on Apr. 11th.

Iwate Prefecture (the town of Ohtsuchicho):

The recovery of electricity had brought back town lights and re-operated traffic lights, however, the power went out again after the earthquake which occurred on Apr. 7th. The People in the area were despaired quite a bit as beam of hope had been seen in the progress of recovery.

Besides the ongoing medical services, AMDA set a playroom for children and also held a little sport event and a movie-viewing to lighten the stress of the evacuees. Now that 10 % of the elderly are becoming bedridden, the need for nursing is increasing. AMDA is offering blood tests and other medical check in its mobile medical trailer.

Miyagi Pref. (the town of Minamisanriku-cho):

On Apr. 8th a renowned Japanese singer, Takeshi Kitayama, visited Shizugawa Elementary School in response to AMDA's call for help to ease the suffering of the victims, After his hearty a cappela performance that arose a touching moment, Kitayama went around the evacuees and gave them warm words of encouragement to show his care. Minamisanriku-cho still faces the lack of lifelines including water, electricity and gas (as well as gasoline,) however, sign of recovery is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, AMDA will continue to battle the spread of norovirus by sending additional medical personnel and relief supplies.

Latest dispatch of AMDA personnel:

  • 21st group: 2 nurses (Apr. 9th)

  • 22nd group: 2 doctors, 1 nurse, 1 coordinator (Apr. 10th)

  • Total number of AMDA's relief personnel (as of Apr. 10th): 128

  • 46 doctors, 26 nurses, 3 midwives, 2 assistant nurses, 3 pharmacists, 2 psychotherapists, 43 coordinators (including interpreters), 2 careworkers, 1 singer Stay tuned for more updates.

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