Jamaica: Trelawny farmers lose $16 million in crops and livestock

Originally published
OCHO RIOS (JIS), Friday, July 29, 2005- Flooding and landslides associated with Hurricanes Dennis and Emily caused some $16 million in damage to farms and farm roads in Trelawny, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has reported.

RADA Parish Manager, Donald Robinson, told JIS News that 450 farmers, mostly in the southern section of the parish, suffered losses as a result of the hurricanes. "The farmers in the upper hills of Trelawny were most affected by the hurricanes as they experienced land slides and so they lost a lot of yams, vegetables, condiments and pulses," he said.

He noted also, that farmers in the low-lying areas of Falmouth, Wakefield, Braco, Zion and Hague lost vegetable and broilers. "Farmers suffered a total loss of 1,000 broilers at an estimated cost of about $200,000," he informed, adding that flooding also destroyed crops and small livestock such as goats in Clark's Town and Jackson Town.

Mr. Robinson told JIS News, that the assessments have been submitted to RADA head office for the necessary assistance to be provided to the farmers.