Jamaica: Regional and international governments offer assistance

News and Press Release
Originally published
Prime Minister P. J. Patterson has said that he had received commitments of assistance from regional and international governments, should the island suffer extensive damage from Hurricane Dennis.

"We already have expressions not only of solidarity, but a willingness to make assistance available, should it be necessary, from all the CARICOM governments. The chairman of (CARICOM) conference expressed the support and preparedness of CARICOM to provide whatever help may prove necessary and a number of individual heads expressed to be personally, their expectations that we would be in contact with them directly should their assistance be necessary," he informed.

The Prime Minister, who was addressing a press conference this morning at the south Camp Road headquarters of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), said he had also received a letter of assistance from Cuban President, Fidel Castro and a team was dispatched to the island but had to return to Havana due to the closure of the airports. The government Venezuela has also indicated its preparedness to respond.

"I am sure that in addition to those governments, which have already communicated with me, other governments are willing to see what will unfold and I have no doubt that they will respond with the usually generosity", the Prime Minister said.