Jamaica: Portland and St. Thomas to get special attention

News and Press Release
Originally published
The National Works Agency has been instructed by Prime Patterson to proceed beyond emergency work to restore roads in St. Thomas and Portland that have been badly affected by Hurricane Dennis. He has also contacted the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) to supply petrol to these two parishes. The Prime Minister was speaking with journalists at Jamaica House this afternoon (July 10, 2005) on his return from a tour of some communities in Eastern Jamaica that were devastated by the Hurricane. Mr. Patterson said that while the country had been spared a direct hit, the damage was extensive.

He said that tomorrow (Monday July 11, 2005) Cabinet will decide on the level of response to be made although it was already clear that some areas required special and concentrated attention.

Among the areas that the Prime Minister listed for special attention are Seaforth, Trinityville, Westphalia, Rio Grande Valley and Penline. He said that emergency supplies were being airlifted to these and other communities that have been cut off and this will continue until road access was restored.

Mr. Patterson said that he had already given instructions for the Jamaica Defence Force to install proper lighting at St. Margaret's Bay Bridge. He has also asked that engineers undertake a review of the Railway Bridge in St. Thomas to determine whether or not it was safe to be used.

The Government will be assisting raftsmen at the Rio Grande who the Prime Minister said were badly affected and would need special attention.

Mr. Patterson expressed satisfaction with the level of response so far and said that there was no partisan division as everyone was working together.