Jamaica: Hurricane Emily - News release #8

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is reporting that there are approximately 3,269 persons in 79 shelters across the island. Several incidents across the parishes have also been reported as outlined below:


St. Mary

Three houses have collapsed in the Broadgate area of St. Mary as a result of the undermining of the foundations as a result of heavy rains. Some four families are affected and they are currently housed at the Broadgate Community Centre.


The following main roads in Trelawny are inundated and as a result impassable

- Daniel Town to Clarkes Town

- Duncans to Charles Town at Long Pond

- Rock to Falmouth

- Wakefield at Logwoods Valley

- Barnstable to Jackson Town

- Martha Brae to Duanvale is flooded. The river has overflowed its banks.

St. Catherine

The following areas have experienced flooding:

- Braeton, Portmore

- Guys Hill Main Road

- Sunnyside, Linstead

St. James

- Rose Hall Main Road is impassable

- Sections of Barnette Street are flooded and are impassable


A gully has overflowed its banks and has resulted in several households being flooded in New Forest

St. Elizabeth

- The Parotee to Brompton Main Road is flooded and impassable

- The Myersville to Santa Cruz Main Road is also flooded. Motorists are being asked to avoid using this route.

Shelter Arrangements

Fourteen Shelters are now open in St. Thomas housing 991 persons as heavy rainfall is being experienced in that parish. Most residents who occupy vulnerable communities are therefore seeking shelter.