Jamaica: Hurricane Dennis - News release #19

Following the impact of Hurricane Dennis, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has received reports that in Lauriston, located in Spanish Town the Rio Cobre River is currently destroying housing structures and other houses are being threatened. In some cases some houses are moving from their present foundation.

In addition, based on an aerial reconnaissance conducted by the Rapid Damage Assessment Team yesterday, the following reports were received:

St. Andrew

The roadway to Somerset is still blocked by landslide.

St. Thomas

The bridge, north of Danvers Pen, approximately 100m of approach to the bridge has been washed away.

In Trinityville - Trinity to Cedarville a house is presently in the river and it is causing damage to the Gabion Basket.

In Poor Man's Corner, two (2) sewerage ponds have washed away.

There is also severe scouring of the banks of the Yallahs River as well as the roadway from Landeway.

Relief Efforts

Relief efforts are presently being organized for St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary and other areas that have been cut off.

Blocked Roads

The Rio Grande Bridge is still closed.

In Gordon Town, St. Peter's Square is still blocked, however, emergency personnel are on site trying to effect repairs.

Cleared Roads

The Junction Road is cleared to single lane only.

Easington is opened to single lane. Four wheel drive vehicles and trucks can travel through, however, smaller vehicles are asked to proceed with extreme caution.

St. Ann

The ODPEM has also received reports that all shelters are now being closed in St. Ann.

The ODPEM is advising all motorist to proceed with caution on all affected roads as many roads are not yet back to normal.

The ODPEM will provide further updates as the information becomes available.