Jamaica: Hurricane Dennis - News release #14

The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) has already received reports of persons who are trapped by flooding in areas, which are inaccessible for rescue. The heavy rains being experienced will continue throughout tonight. The ODPEM is advising persons who are living in low lying and flood prone areas to EVACUATE NOW.


1. The Mundicot River has flooded sections of the town of Yallahs. Persons are moving out of the flooded area to the Yallahs Baptist Church. Efforts are being made to mobilize evacuation of the affected persons.

2. The tributaries of the Cane River have burst their Banks and several villages are isolated as a result.

3. A significantly large section of the Town of Seaforth is inundated as the Johnson River has burst its Banks. Persons in the lower communities of the Johnson River Basin are at severe risk and must go to safer areas now.

4. The community of Lloyds in St Thomas are currently isolated and ODPEM is attempting to co-ordinate rescue operations.

5. A section of the community located at Nine Miles, Bull Bay in the vicinity of Taylor Lands is flooded and persons have been advised to EVACUATE NOW.

The Fire Department is in the process of attempting rescue operations.


1. Several residents are trapped in Village, Gordon Town as the river that runs through the community is in spate. Rescue operations have been hampered by the severe weather conditions.


1. The Junction Road is blocked in two areas - between Milepost 18 and 19 from Land slippages. The road is open to single lane traffic only.

If your home is threatened by flooding, evacuate early before evacuation routes are cut off. Turn off all electric circuits at the fuse panel or disconnect switch. If this is not possible, turn off or disconnect all electrical appliances before evacuating. The ODPEM is appealing to persons who see imminent signs of flooding in their area, to evacuate early before they are cut off.