Hurricane Dennis Advisory #1 - Hurricane Dennis threatens Jamaica

The Event: At 6pm Eastern Caribbean Time Dennis was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane and was located approximately 315 miles East-Southeast of Jamaica. The system is currently moving in a west northwesterly direction at 14mph with maximum sustained winds of 85mph. A Hurricane Warning s i now in effect for Jamaica.
The Prognosis:T he outer bands of Hurricane Dennis are already affecting the local weather in Jamaica with some flooding reported in the eastern parishes. It is anticipated that the core of the system will be in the vicinity of the NE Coast of Jamaica in the early hours of July 7, 2005. Further strengthening of Dennis is forecasted over the next 48 hours.

Status of RCP: The Regional Response Mechanism is currently active.

Increased Readiness Actions:


The CDERA CU completed its checks this morning with the threatened State of Jamaica. The Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM) has advised that the Prime Minister and National Emergency Response Team have been briefed on the situation. The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) and Parish Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) are activated. The North West Caribbean Donor Group has been contacted. Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard is evacuating the Pedro and Morant Cayes.

Parish Disaster Committees have met and are in the process of opening shelters. The Airports Authority of Jamaica has advised that the Norman Manley International Airport will close as of 11:00pm tonight.

The ODPEM continues to issue News Releases advising the public on increased readiness actions that should be rushed to completion.


The CDERA Coordinating Unit has reviewed its preparedness arrangements and has activated its Internal Contingency Plan. Satellite communications checks have been conducted and the status of emergency supplies and first response items held in the Regional Warehouses are being confirmed.

As of this advisory the Regional Response Mechanism is formally placed on standby.

The CDERA CU will continue to issue advisories as appropriate.

Contact Details: The CDERA CU 24hr contact number is 246 425 0386

HF Radio: 14.415Mhz USB and 7.850MHz USB