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Hurricane Dean Situation Report #8

Situation Report
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REF: 22/08/07 - TC/2007/000135/10

Message: CDERA's Regional Response Mechanism is "Stood Down"

Update August 22, 2007, 7.00 pm EDT

The Event: Hurricane Dean impacted several of CDERA Participating States during the period Friday August 17- Tuesday August 21. Dean's passage through the Eastern Caribbean was as a Category 2 Hurricane, strengthening to a Category 4 as it moved across southern Jamaica and reaching the level of Category 5 as it impacted Belize.

Six confirmed deaths (Jamaica 3, Dominica 2 and Saint Lucia 1) have been caused by Hurricane Dean in the CDERA Participating States.

Generally the damage to the islands of the Lesser Antilles was minimal except for Dominica and Saint Lucia which reported wind damage to roofs, flooding and landslides in several areas.

Jamaica reported severe wind damage, significant flooding and storm surges in several of the Southern Parishes

Belize was impacted on and preliminary reports have been of Coastal Damage experienced and some collapse buildings and roof loss in the rural areas.


The Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM) has set up Registration Centres in Kingston and Saint Andrew for affected persons.

Damage Assessment teams are deployed to the affected areas and continue to collect information while technical teams are analyzing and refining the Priority Needs List.


The Office of Disaster Management is still in the process of finalizing the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Report.


The Rapid Damage Assessment was competed and a preliminary report was drafted by the National Emergency Management Organization.


Damage Assessment teams have completed their rapid assessment and are in the process of drafting their preliminary reports.


The Hurricane Dean response is being executed at Level two therefore the Regional Response Mechanism is now stood down. A Level Two response means that the event is being managed at the country level with regional assistance being limited to the provision of requested technical support as identified by the country and facilitating access to resources which may be required.

A Consolidated Report on the impact of Hurricane Dean and CDERA Participating States is being prepared and will be circulated by Friday, August 24, 2007.

Daily Situation Reports on Hurricane Dean will now be discontinued.

Contact Details: The CDERA CU 24hr contact number is 246 425 0386