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Hurricane Dean Situation Report #7

Situation Report
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REF: 21/08/07 – TC/2007/000135/11

Message: CDERA Mounts Level Two Response to Hurricane Dean Impact

Update August 21, 2007, 4.00 pm EDT

The Event: Hurricane Dean impacted several of CDERA Participating States during the period Friday August 17- Tuesday August 21. Dean's passage through the Eastern Caribbean was as a Category 2 Hurricane, strengthening to a Category 4 as it moved across Jamaica and reaching the level of Category 5 as it impacted Belize.

Six deaths have been caused by Hurricane Dean in the CDERA Participating States.

Generally the damage to the islands of the Lesser Antilles was minimal except for Dominica and Saint Lucia which reported wind damage to roofs, flooding and landslides in several areas.

Jamaica reported severe wind damage, significant flooding and storm surges in several of the Southern Parishes

Belize was impacted today and preliminary reports have been of Coastal Damage experienced and some collapse buildings and roof loss in the rural areas.


Needs Identified

Rapid needs assessment points to responding to the immediate needs of 15,000 – 60,000 families. Proper roofing cover for an extended period through the recovery and rehabilitation stage may be required for these families.

The needs list is below:


Plastic Sheeting
Bath Towels
Blankets -Adults
Heavy Duty Roof Tarpaulin
Gas Stove 2- Burner (LPG)
Water Containers – Individuals and Family Sizes
Sleeping Mats
Bed Sheets
Children Blankets
Drinking Cups – Plastic Type
Dinner Plates - Plastic
Bath Soap
Hygiene Kits
First Aid Kits
Lanterns - Battery
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)
Sleeping Cots
Inflatable Mattress
Wash Rags


Children Toys (Assorted)
Children Reading Books
Agricultural Tools
Roofing Materials
Toilet Tissues
Baby Diapers
Baby Wipes
Adults Diapers
Sanitary Napkins
Bottled Water
Batteries – A, AAA, C, D
Cellular Phones – (for field workers)
Clothing - Children
Clothing - Adults
Portable Radios
Lap Top Computers (for Logistics Unit)

The Medical Needs List identified by ODPEM, Jamaica has been forwarded to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for their review, consideration and advice. The World Food Programme is also considering support for meeting the identified needs for MREs through the provision of high energy biscuits.


Preliminary reports from the Office of Disaster Management indicate the following:

771 houses affected. 43 houses completely destroyed.

Estimates of Infrastructure damage total EC$48,500,000.

95% Damage to Agriculture Sector

Damage to utilities is still being to be assessed.


The National Emergency and Management Organisation issued a preliminary report on reported

Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis. Table two of that report is below:

Table 2: Damage By Economic Sectors
Housing & Buildings
Very preliminary and does not include all the damages throughout the Island. However, it includes an amount for the institutional buildings.
Agriculture and
Banana suffered damage to fields varying from 40% to 85%. The reports suggested both toppling and snapping of trees and the highest concentration of damage was in the Roseau valley. The island-wide average has been placed at seventy-five percent and the total land under bananas estimated at 5,000 acres. In establishing the estimate, 60% of the cost per acre was utilised. An amount has been allowed for the damage to the fisheries sector.
Utilities This is based on information supplied by LUCELEC. The telecommunications cost is not known as C&W has not provided such information.
Roads and drains
This is an estimate provided by the Ministry of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities for cleaning-up. It does not include any reconstruction or retrofitting works.
SLASPA Related
This is based on a detailed cost breakdown provided by SLASPA, but does not include damage sustained at Petit Carenage and at the GFL Charles Airport.
This is based on information submitted by the Ministry of Education.
Hotels No information on cost is available.


Belize issued the all clear at 12.00noon

Most affected areas are San Pedro Town, Corozal, and Orange Walk District. Coastal Damage also experienced and some collapse buildings and roof loss in the rural areas.

Agriculture most impacted especially in north of the country.

Cabinet Meeting was convened today and more information on the assessment will be provided tomorrow.


Based on the preliminary damage assessment and needs analysis reports received from the impacted States of Dominica, Saint Lucia and Jamaica CDERA has initiated a Level Two response.

A Level Two response means that the event is being managed at the country level with regional assistance being limited to the provision of requested technical support as identified by the country and facilitating access to resources which may be required.

The CDERA Coordinator will lead a mission to the affected states beginning Monday for on the ground briefings to inform coordination and any further regional and international assistance that will be provided through CDERA.


The CDERA Coordinating Unit will launch an appeal to its Partners and Participating States for assistance in meetings the needs identified by Jamaica at this time.


A team comprising personnel from Montserrat Disaster management Coordination Agency and Barbados Disaster Emergency Management Agency will be deployed to the Office of Disaster Management in Dominica to assist in needs analysis, proposal development and provide other support as may be required


Technical personnel from CDERA Coordinating Unit and the National Disaster Offices of Grenada and Turks and Caicos have been deployed to Jamaica, (August 21) to lend support to the staff of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) in Jamaica.

Caribbean Electricity Company (CARILEC) and Caribbean Water and Waste-Water Association (CWAWA) have been stood down for Jamaica


Technical and other support teams are on standby to be deployed to Belize as required

Contact Details: The CDERA CU 24hr contact number is 246 425 0386