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Hurricane Dean in the Caribbean: Situation Report 20 Aug 2007

This report updates the PAHO/WHO report of 19 August. For countries not mentioned in this update, please refer to yesterday's report, using the links shown.


Hurricane Dean made landfall in Jamaica as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday, 19 August, and on Monday morning, a PAHO/WHO team began an initial assessment of the storm's effects. Efforts are ongoing, but the following information is available:

- The most affected Parishes are St. Thomas and Clarendon. Less than 5,000 people are believed to be in shelters.

- The number of deaths and injuries is yet to be confirmed, but early reports indicate that these numbers may not be too high.

In the South East Region (Kingston and the Parishes of St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. Thomas), PAHO/WHO is still trying to establish communication with the Princess Margaret Hospital.

- The medical wards of the Kingston Public Hospital were flooded, drains were blocked up and there is major leaking.

- The roof of the Bustamante Hospital for Children is leaking.

- There is minor roof damage and leaking windows in the National Chest Hospital.

- The Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Hospital has roof damage, and windows in the pediatric ward are gone.

- University Hospital of the West Indies has only minor damage.

- The Belleview Hospital, a psychiatric facility, is leaking.

- The Spanish Town Hospital had part of the roof of the Accident and Emergency services collapse, as well as the perimeter wall.

- The Linstead Hospital has no functional generator.

In the South region, the Black River and Lionel Town, Percy Junor and Mandeville Hospitals all weathered the storm without sustaining damage. The May Pen Hospital has slight roof damage.

In the North East Region, major damage was reported at the St. Ann's Bay Hospital; PAHO/WHO is attempting to confirm this.

In the Western Region, patients were evacuated from floors 8-10 in the Cornwall Hospital. The entire roof of one health center is gone. The Falmouth Hospital has roof damage.

Four private hospitals in Kingston are reported in good condition.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, which lie to the northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba, also felt the effects of Hurricane Dean, but little damage was reported. There were high waves along the coast and flooded roads, but no injuries were reported. There were localized power outages and the water supply was shut off as a precautionary measure, but both should be restored by Tuesday.

All health infrastructure withstood the effects of Hurricane Dean. There were approximately 2,000 people in temporary shelters.


On Monday, August 20, Belize declared a Phase II alert throughout the country. The PAHO/WHO office will monitor the situation from Belmopan, and be in close contact with the Ministry of Health. One PAHO/WHO headquarters staff member has been deployed to Belize to support those already on the ground.


See report of 19 August 2007

Dominican Republic

Hurricane Dean passed over the Dominican Republic on Sunday, leaving one dead and more than 300 houses destroyed or partially destroyed. Almost 1,600 persons are being housed in temporary shelters. Communication has still not been restored with several communities. No health problems have been reported.

Saint Lucia

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See report of 19 August 2007