Flash flood watch in effect for Jamaica

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Kingston, Jamaica, November 21, 2006(ODPEM) -The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has been advised by the Meteorological Service that, due to the present frontal system affecting the island, unstable weather conditions (with scattered showers and thunderstorms across most parishes) is expected to continue tonight into tomorrow.

All Parish Disaster Coordinators have been advised to put their shelter managers on alert for prompt action if necessary. To date, ODPEM has had no reports of extensive flooding. However, reports were received of:

1. moderate inundation of the road from Jackson Town to Clarkes Town earlier today

2. rising water-levels of the Bottom-town Lake in the Clarkes Town area.

Persons in "low-lying areas" are reminded to take the necessary precautions in the event of flooding and parents/teachers are being asked to remind children of the danger of playing in floodwaters or trying to cross pathways which are inaccessible. Motorists are also being advised to avoid roadways that are inundated, and to exercise caution as some of the road surfaces are slippery. The public is reminded that it is unsafe to cross flooded waterways e.g. rivers, roads, gullies or streams whether on foot or in vehicles. Persons who live in areas where flooding has occurred in the past are being asked to observe the following precautions:

- Avoid washing and playing in rivers (and areas) subject to sudden flooding.

- If you think your home is threatened by flooding, be ready to evacuate if conditions worsen.

ODPEM and the Parish Disaster Coordinators continue to monitor the situation.

Krechet Greaves
Information and Training Unit
Office of Disaster Preparedness
and Emergency Management (ODPEM)
(876) 928-5111-4