Epidemiological report 3rd January, 2018

from Government of Jamaica
Published on 03 Jan 2019 View Original

As at January 3, 2019, one hundred and twenty three (123) dengue case reports (suspected, presumed and confirmed) were received for the month of December 2018. This exceeded the outbreak threshold of 96 cases for December; the first month for 2018 in which the number of cases exceeded the outbreak threshold (figure 1).


As at January 3, 2019 the Ministry of Health had in its electronic database a total of 1700 notifications for dengue. Of the 1700 notifications for 2018 to date, 830 have been classified as suspected, presumed or confirmed. The number of confirmed cases of dengue stands at 23 for the period January 1, 2018 to January 3, 2019. Of 52 reported cases with samples tested using PCR at CARPHA, 23 cases were PCR positive and therefore classified as confirmed; 22 of these 23 cases were identified as DENV Type 3 while one (1) case had low viral titres and the dengue type was not identified.