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Pozzallo, Italy, assigned as a Place of Safety to Ocean Viking for disembarkation

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After 11 days stranded at sea, it was just announced that France, Germany and Italy found an agreement for the relocation of 104 people on Ocean Viking and 90 people on Alan Kurdi

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 — “We are relieved, and appreciate that France, Germany, and Italy have finally found a solution for relocation of all 104 survivors on board Ocean Viking, and the 90 people on board Alan Kurdi. After days stranded at sea, and enduring horrific conditions in Libya and along their journey, finally they will be taken to safety.

These prolonged, inhumane standoffs must not continue. It is unacceptable to strand people at sea, waiting days and weeks while European States debate whether and how to fulfill their humanitarian and legal obligations. It’s disappointing that only three States were part of this solution. All European States must live up to their principles.

This means agreeing on the implementation of a predictable and humane disembarkation mechanism for everyone rescued at sea, that also shares responsibility, easing the burden on coastal States.”

Michael Fark, MSF Head of Mission for Libya and Mediterranean