North Africa Mixed Migration Hub - Survey Snapshot - Italy | January 2017

from Mixed Migration Hub
Published on 31 Jan 2017 View Original


  • MHub is undertaking field surveys with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers along key migratory routes to build up a body of data over time and to map country and regional level mixed migration trends.

  • This snapshot presents early survey findings of the profiles, intentions and experiences of those moving in mixed migration flows who have recently arrived in Italy in the last year.

  • Though these findings cannot be considered statistically representative of the migration population, they do provide key insights into the migration process.


Findings are based on 381 surveys conducted with irregular migrants that transited through North Africa to Italy (23% female - 77% male) including respondents from Nigeria (28.1%), Eritrea (11.5%), Gambia (10.8%), Cote d’Ivoire (8.9), Mali (8.1%), Ghana (6.8%), Senegal (6.6%), Cameroon (3.1%), Bangladesh (2.6%), Ethiopia (2.1%), Guinea (2.1%), as well as (9.1% cumulative for the remainder) Togo, Pakistan, Central African Republic (CAR), Sudan, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Niger, Liberia, Libya and Afghanistan between 3 March 2016 and 25 January 2017 in Asti, Bologna, Castellammare del Golfo, Milan, Modena, Palermo, Rome, Trapani and Turin.